The Site

The site:

Electronic media and the Internet have spread modern culture out like an oil slick — very wide and very shallow. Significant stuff gets trapped in it and can look pretty much like the rest of the irrelevant goo. What in this pages is not particularly tidy. It may not be significant either, but here it is, picked out of the crud, cleaned off, and served up for inspection.

The blogger:

I would consider myself to be an orthodox (small “o”) Nicene Christian. Within these bounds there are wide ranges of opinion on any one of a number of issues. These differences are not new, as should be apparent from some of the entries in the books and resources pages.  You would never know this from the popular media.

This is usually where folks starting citing their academic credentials — I have a social science degree but I don’t think that confers any credibility. Mostly I’m just a working stiff in a cubicle, and a voracious reader as well as an close-up observer of people, especially in the context of large organizations. Dilbert cartoons resonate with me.

As you will discover if you hang around, my interests (and this blog) will wander all over the place. Over the last few years I’ve drifted from politics, to origins, and then to nibbling on an interest in early Christian writers.  Some of the latter I find impenetrable – it started to dawn on me that I don’t really understand their context.  Which is what got me reading classical authors and books about the period.  Then furry ideas scampered through the park and the dog was off and running.