Sites I Follow


  • A Blast From The Past – by Mike Dash. Bits and pieces of odd and interesting history from the author of Batavia’s Graveyard and Tulipomania.
  • kateantiquity – Posts about religion, daily life, women and family in the ancient world.
  • The Petrified Muse – By Peter Kruschwitz, Professor of Classics at the University of Reading, with comments on the ancient and modern world.
  • Sarah E. Bond – writes about the classical world (ancient Greece and Rome).


  • The Atlantic – the only print magazine to which I still have a subscription (although it’s on my Kindle). I am unlikely to find pieces like this anywhere else. The feeds are available here.
  • Foreign Policy – (Foreign Policy Magazine).
  • Relevant Magazine – the online and print magazine “covering faith, culture and intentional living” for Christian twenty and thirty-somethings (yeah, I’m a LOT older…)

Origins and Cosmology

Religion and Philosophy

  • Andrew Larsen – a Covenant Church pastor who consults “…with churches and non-profit groups seeking to understand the “other” (particularly Muslims) and empower peacemaking initiatives.”
  • Gary Thomas – author and speaker seeking to foster spiritual growth and deeper relationships.
  • Jayson D. Bradley – posts by a pastor who writes on the church and social engagement.
  • Jesus Creed – by Scot McKnight, Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary in Lombard, Illinois. Writes about the Church, culture, the New Testament, early Christianity, and the historical Jesus.
  • Mockingbird – a publishing site dedicated to “connecting the Christian faith with everyday life.” A little bit of everything.
  • Theological Miscellany –  thoughts and reflections by the faculty and friends of Westminster Theological Centre.
  • rethink – reflections on the Church and culture by Chase Hill and Jeffery Curtis Poor.
  • Tim’s Blog – Just One Train Wreck After Another – An eclectic mix of posts seeking to remind visitors of Jesus.
  • Unsystematic Theology – by Kyle Roberts, an author of “essays on Kierkegaard and modern theology.”

Everything Else

  • intelligence2 Debates – encouraging “…audiences to “think twice” on a wide range of provocative topics.”
  • Joel D. Hirst’s Blog – Gritty observations by a novelist and playwright, and a first-hand observer to the mess in Venezuela.
  • Primitive Technology – A regular guy in Queensland, Australia who makes “…things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials.”  And posts videos about the process.  Definitely worth watching.
  • Rough Type – by Nicholas Carr, who writes on technology, culture and economics. He is the author of “The Shallows” which I strongly recommend reading.
  • TED Blog – if you don’t know what TED is by now…

And a Comment

I track well over 100 feeds.  Selection for listing here should not be taken as a statement of agreement with everything that appears in them.

I currently use Feedly to track them but would prefer a decent desktop client.  I am former user of RSSOwl which I really liked but is no longer in active development.  So if you have suggestions…