Stuff I Use

Subscription Email Service: Fastmail ( As of the fall of 2021, $3 per month for a basic account. Fastmail has accompanying Android and Apple apps. The Android app appears to work well, although as of the fall of 2021 it does not support offline synchronization. IF you need this I use the paid versions of following alternatives:

Android Calendar: Business Calendar 2 (
Android Email: FairEmail (
Android Calendar and Contact Synchronization: DAVx5 (

Windows 11 desktop email: eM Client ( The Fastmail service is well supported, although groups are not supported in the synchronized contacts and calendar attachment synchronization is currently a problem.

Password Manager: KeePass ( Supported by donation. A bit of work to learn to use. It has been ported to several platforms; I run the database in a Dropbox folder which makes it possible to sync to Android and share with the KeePassDX app. Some of the subscription services are probably easier, such as LastPass ( or 1Password (

Desktop browser privacy extensions and search (Firefox and Edge Chrome): Cookie AutoDelete and DuckDuckGo. I still use Google and Bing searches but I don’t log in and let Cookie AutoDelete scrub them afterwards. Additional suggestions are available from Restore Privacy.